Oh, it’s on muthas! So the amazing and exciting Kim invited Rana and me over for wontons the other night. I was so excited because I haven’t made them since I was a wee one. When I was little my grandmother would talk about her friend Sally who was the mother of a famous bay area chef, Martin Yan, who had his own show on PBS called, “Yan Can Cook.” This show, that grandma and my brother and I watched religiously, was responsible for teaching me (with some assistance from the folks) how to chop vegetables. Every time I make Chinese food I think of Yan Can Cook and my grandma. The following is as close to Kim’s actual words as I could make it.

One package of Wonton wrappers

Da Filling:
500 gr (1lb) of ground beef or pork
4-5 scallions sliced
6oz (about a bag) of spinach boiled for 1 min just so it is wilted
2-3 inch chunk of fresh ginger grated
bit o salt
bit o pepper
bit o sesame oil
bit o soy sauce
pinch o brown sugar

Dipping sauce:
1 clove crushed garlic
4-5 Tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp hot chili oil/siracha
2 tsp sesame oil

The first thing you need to do is mix everything under filling together in a bowl. I know it’s raw meat but get over yourself and just get in there.

Those of fainter heart use a spoon. However, my rule is if you can’t touch it, you shouldn’t eat it. Just sayin’.batterjunkie-1

batterjunkie-5      BRAINS!!! (I would not eat the raw meat lest you become a zombie)batterjunkie-2

Place a small spoonful of meat just smaller than a meatball in the middle of the wonton wrapper, then wrap it up, bitch! Below are pictures of how to wrap it. Basically, get a glass of water and wet your fingers. Slide them wantonlyover two edges of the squares. Perpendicular, yo.

Then with the care of sensual wonton-lover fold the squares over into triangles, sealing the meatball in its doughy prison.batterjunkie-3

Then fold over the tips so you have a little thing that looks like you have mail from the dough-fairy. Or as Rana says it looks like a little wonton hug!batterjunkie-6

Once you run out of meat you’re ready to boil those little babies! Boil them for about 3 min, they should be floating on the surface at that point. When they float you be done! Serve with rice…if you’ve been reading, you know I won’t teach you how to do rice. It’s just not worth a whole post.batterjunkie-7

If you have any left over meat you can simply fry it up and munch on it while you’re waiting.

Before you start boiling I would put together the dippin’ sauce. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl. If you can’t handle raw garlic (you insufferable wimp) then fry it in olive oil for about 1 minute before putting it in.

These are fast and fun and can be frozen for a later meal. If you plan to freeze them, do so before you boil them. Then when you’re hungry you just pot them into a boiling pot. Yeah, y’all. Go cook some Chinese!

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