Patatas a lo Pobre

It’s here! Or rather, I am. To celebrate my triumphant return to Spain I give you a traditional dish. 

There is nothing finer than simple food. Well reader, she doesn’t get much easier, and cheaper I might add, than Patatas a lo Pobre or Poor man’s potatoes. This is a recipe that was suggested to me by my good friend Simone, after he took a trip down south to Granada. This recipe is served as a tapa in Andalucía. If you don’t know what a tapa is, go read another blog, seriously.

If you’re poor, rich, or somewhere in between you’ll love this salt and oil delivery system.We got the particulars from a little blog called Recetas de mamá.


2 potatoes
1 onion
1 green or red bell pepper
Olive oil

Wash and skin the potatoes. If you want to give a little extra flavor you can leave the skin on the potatoes and just cut off the nasty bits. I will leave that to your discretion. Dice your onion.If you don’t know how there is a short tutorial in this post. It’s OK to leave large chunks as they will become soft in the cooking process. Cut the core out of the bell pepper or what ever kind of pepper you are using and slice it perpendicular to create rings.

Go find a fry pan with a lid. If you don’t have one, go buy one. Not only does it come in handy all the time but you use far less energy cooking with a lid. Good for you and mama earth!

Heat up a healthy amount of olive oil in the pan (for the overly fastidious lets say 3 tablespoon but truth told I have never measured it). Toss in all three ingredients, sprinkle with about a teaspoon or more of salt. Now be careful here because the salt and the oil are where your personal preference comes in. DO NOT skimp on either one. If you do, you’ll have dry, tasteless, mushy potatoes. That is not a time to come crying to me.

You: “Devon, they didn’t taste good, Waa!”
Me: “Well, hypothetical crappy cook, did you add enough oil? I didn’t think so.”

Cook it on low with the lid on and stir occasionally. It will take some time so be PATIENT.  Go take a course in Navajo code breaking or learn to use Windows 7. Just make sure it’s something that’s pointless and will take a long time. Near the end, about 30 minutes in, turn up the heat a little to crisp and brown those tasty taters.

You’ll know if they taste right because you will make this dish twice a day for a week.

Thank you Simone for reminding me of a favorite food from Andalucía!

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