Guacamole – Alfonso and Devon Styles

Guacamole comes from a combination of the word Aguacate (avocado) and mole (sauce). Aguacate comes from  the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word meaning testicle, for obvious reasons. Think about that next time you bite into an avocado sandwich. I have been making my version for many years and it always seems to change. The other recipe or really “style” of guacamole was taught to me by my friend Alfonso. He is a bona fide Mexican and puts it best when he says, “It doesn’t matter how you make it, guacamole cannot really be bad.” Good news if you’re new to the kitchen, this is your dish!

Both have the same ingredients:
2-4 avocados
1 Roma tomato
1/4-1/2 onion chopped very finely
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp salt
1/2 of a lime squeezed

Allow me to take this time to show you a neat way to cut an avocado. First slice that puppy in half.

Hold the side with the pit in it and THWACK your knife into it. Once the knife is firmly implanted in the pit, twist slightly and pull it out. The pit should come with it! Now take your knife and remove the pit by throwing it at a rotating target, with a your beautiful assistant on it.

If you are making Alfonso Style, cut long thin strips with your knife. This will allow you to make big chunks later. If you’re making Devon style you can just remove it with a spoon.

In a large bowl toss in the avocado, finely chopped tomato and onion and add the spices. If you are making Devon style, mash everything up aggressively with two forks. If you are making Alfonso style, mix the chunks lightly and squeeze not just a half but a whole lime of the mixture. That’s really the main difference.

 Alfonso Style (sounds like Tiger Style from a kung fu movie) 

Devon Style
Who will win? None can tell until the final battle has been waged! 

Serve it with chips or my personal favorite, more healthy alternative, cut carrots and peppers.

Also as a little teaser for the next post, you can see pictured here hummus, served Lebanese Style. All three will enter the ring only one style will prove victorious.

Until next time,

Lables: Gaucamole, avocado, Mexican

4 thoughts on “Guacamole – Alfonso and Devon Styles

  1. Wow. Testicles. I never saw it until I read that, and now I have so much more appreciation for the avocado.

    Guacamole is one of my favorites, but I was in need of a good recipe. I usually just make it up as I go along. Your style looks more appealing to me, but I have to say that chips are my companion of choice.

    Anxiously awaiting the hummus post. I adore hummus. :)

  2. Thanks Bethany! Its on its way! Coming to a theater near you, hummus. I wish they served hummus at theaters but it doesn't have a 400% price margin like popcorn so what can you do?

  3. Have to admit that I didn't know the testicle part either.. Makes it guacamole even better (dunno why actually).

    Mister junkie, what do I do if I don't have a beautiful assistant? What if god was not good with her?

    Hey! We have sushi and humus at VIP movie theaters in México! Now you definitely have to go to DF now to check that out.

    Oh, don't forget that you can always add some cilantro (coriander?) and, if you're brave enough, some radish to spice it up a little.

    Also, if you're doing the Tiger style, you must try guacamole with "chicarrón", which is nothing less than sheets or little bits of pork skin.

    One last thing, a tip to everyone out there, in México guacamole is seen as a side-dish, so it always goes with a good meat, flautas or with tacos de pollo, to mention a few.

  4. Oh flautas! I've always wanted to learn to make you, you little instruments of flavor.

    Thanks for the tips Commando. Don't forget the cilantro and radishes everyone.

    Sushi and Hummus? That's like Lebenese/Hatori Hanzo style!

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