Goodbye Barça One: Bruschetta

Today marks my 40th recipe!
It is bitter sweet however. It is with heavy heart that I turn my back on the place I have called home for the last six months. As an American citizen who just wanted to spend a little more money here in Europe I fail to see the financial advantage of sending Devo packing but alas, I must away. On my final Friday we had a little get together where we each did an appetizer for dinner. The first one, bruschetta, is brought to you by the most swarthy and amazing Italian I know, Simone. So without further sappy ado I present to you, an Italian classic.

5-6 Large tomatoes
4 Tbsp olive oil
tsp salt
tsp sugar
5 or so cloves of garlic
a loaf of nice bread (In Seattle I use Essential Baking bread)

Preheat the oven to Barry White hot (250 C or 465 F).

Yeah that’s about it. Can you believe it? Now I’ve seen a lot of bruschetta recipes and this one is by far the simplest, but guess what, it’s the tastiest as well. The magic happens, as Simone says, when you have  fresh, high quality ingredients. So don’t make this with tomatoes that have been sitting in the fridge since you last called your mother.

Cut up the tomatoes into large 1/2 inch chunks an place them in a bowl. Make sure to get as much of the tomato juice in the bowl as possible. Try to look Italian, like this guy.

Pour the olive oil, salt and sugar into the bowl and mix around with a fork.

Cut the bread into slices and toast them on a baking sheet for about 5 minutes or until the bread become a bit crunchy.

Here is where I was amazed and delighted. When the bread came out of the oven, Simone took a piece of raw garlic and rubbed it on the bread. Now all previously held conceptions of garlic, and bread for that matter, were whisked away with the flick of an Italian wrist. The bread, once toasted, is sufficiently coarse enough to actually grate the garlic onto it. Neat!

Rub the garlic onto all of the slices of bread.

With a large spoon get some of the juices from the bowl of tomatoes and drizzle them on each slice of bread. With that same spoon, or with another if you like doing extra dishes, drop a healthy amount of tomatoes onto each slice.

Serve it right after you put the tomatoes on because after a while the bread will become soggy and no one likes soggy things, in cooking or in life. Beware, this will happen to your eyes if you eat too many.

Remember fresh ingredients and avoid the soggy. You heard it here first folks!

Next time we’ll do the mushrooms you see in the distance near the horizon of magazines and European people.

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